Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mystery Book Covers Part 1

One day I decided to take pictures of interesting book covers based on their titles.
Here is the first scenario I created based on the cover and title:

I love coffee! BUT, I only like good coffee with milk. If there is no milk (on in a bind; cream), I will rather not drink coffee at all. I don't need fancy coffees, just one that tastes great.
I believe that the secret to great coffee is in the grounds. You roast the beans slowly. You don't burn them. You take time to smell the fragrance and cherish sweet smell that will permeate your house.
You grind the freshly roasted beans, place them in the organic coffee filter in your coffee maker which is filled with filtered fresh water. You can hardly wait the moment when it is ready. Your mouth is watering. Milk is ready and waiting next to your delicate china cup. You have your book ready next to your cup. Everything is perfect. even the antique white lace tablecloth on aunt-Thilda's oval table. Classical music is streaming along with the sunshine. Everything is perfect.
Until your cup breaks, milk spills on the floor staining your new mystery book, your classical CD is skipping making a screeching sound that almost matches the yelling that you can hear from your neighbor's house. Your doorbell rings; the police is wanting to search your house.
The only thing you can think to ask them is, ""On what grounds?"

You can buy the book here and read the real mystery!


  1. Ha! I had to read this twice to understand what you were doing and I love it. What a creative and fun idea! Love the joke! I'm looking forward to reading more imagined stories from book covers.

  2. You gave me my first laugh of the morning. How creative. And now it is time for me to make my coffee....

  3. Got a real chuckle by the time I got to the last paragraph! What fun.
    For me it is tea - no coffee at all!
    Thanks for stopping by - such lovely words of support.

  4. Well, coffee was on my mind, too, as I sliced - but your's was so creative. Imagining scenes for book covers would be a wonderful writing prompt for my sixth graders this week - thanks, Jaana!

  5. What a clever way to spark imagination for writing. You clearly had fun writing this.

  6. Loved this slice! Very funny and creative! That actually sounds like a great book!

  7. Such a great idea. I loved the splash of humor in this slice.


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