Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Daughter, I am brainstorming

Today is the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge, but my mind is already thinking about another ending; my daughter's college. She will graduate in a month. A month will go by so fast. I want to write her a letter that reflects all the things that she has already accomplished in her life, struggles that she has faced head on, and what a women she has become.

How can I choose just the right moments from her life to include in the letter? Shall I choose one event per year? Or only choose those moments that stand out in my memory? Should I include difficult times or events that did not always turn out so well? Should my focus be on the recent years or her early years?

What about the format? shall I go to the office supply store and select beautiful paper to write the letter on? Or would be more convenient to write her a letter in an electronic format? The definite advantage of the electronic letter format would be that I could include pictures with my words. Scanning or uploading pictures would be so easy. But would it be more special to able to hold onto a paper copy of the letter; fold it and put it between the pages of her favorite book? Or maybe that is something that I would have done before the time of computers; today's young tech savvy people might think very differently.

Could I also include a few mentions about my feelings? Cuddling under the blanket reading, chatting about daily happenings, counting how long it takes to swim from one end of the pool to the other, arguing about words in essays--I miss them. Listening to the tape that grandmother in Finland made with her when she was a toddler. (How can I transform that into an electronic format??) Laughing with both grandmothers as they always tend to hear things wrong (and always in a funny way).

I need to decide. I have only one month to accomplish my task. I want to show in my letter how much I love her.  Can you think of anything else that I should include in my letter?


  1. Whatever you choose to include, however you end up formatting it, this letter will be a treasure your daughter will hold close to her heart. What a beautiful gift it will be!

  2. So many decisions. You know that whatever you choose it will be your words that matter the most. Holding it, folding it, clicking on won't really matter. What will matter are the loving and encouraging words I am sure you will easily write. It is clear your love for her and your hopes for her are paramount. Good luck in deciding how to present it. She will feel blessed to have such a thoughtful gift no matter its presentation.

  3. I have a feeling that once you start this letter you will find exactly what to say. What a wonderful gift this will be, for both of you.

  4. What a special gift for your daughter! It will be a wonderful journey for you to take using your words and pictures.

  5. I am sure whatever format you choose it will be appreciated and cherished by your daughter. Your post expresses the love you have for her and your desire to give her something perfect as she begins and continues her journey through life. Is there a way you could do she can fold and put into a favorite book...and one for the Whatever it will be right. Jackie

  6. This will be a wonderful gift, Jaana! Maybe if you wrote a series of short notes in a little notebook you could include pictures on different pages? (My husband wrote me a series of notes in a notebook before I studied in Spain when we were dating, and it was wonderful.) You could also include other little trinkets / memories taped to the pages that way. (Although that might be more than you were thinking...) It seems like all you've brainstormed would make a pretty long letter, so I'm sure you'd have plenty to fill a number of pages. If you have pages left, you could even plan on adding more throughout her life... just an idea! :-)


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