Sunday, March 10, 2013

DST + Sunday Morning = Perseverance

Yesterday my daughter was home for a couple of hours. She casually mentioned that it would be nice if I would come and watch her run the 5K in downtown. Did she realize that she was asking me to do that on a Sunday morning??? On the morning when we already lose an hour of sleep???? Could I have said no?? Not really:) After all, it will not be long before she is living far away...

So, this morning I checked the quote for the day on today's slice page. PERSEVERANCE. Could that have been a message for me?

Here is the evidence of the perseverance I encountered while watching my daughter and a few hundred/thousand others run.

Joy on a Sunday morning!

Musical entertainment to add to our
joy on a Sunday morning!

Everyone had a way to persevere.
Some made the process fun and delivering
joy to the spectators!
I don't believe that I needed that much perseverance compared to the runners! They were amazing! Perhaps next year I should consider joining the race (as a walker of course). I even made it to church--well three minutes late, but pretty much on time.
So, perseverance; doing the right thing when you don't naturally feel like it. What were my benefits from this morning?

  • My step counter rejoices
  • My daughter was (and hopefully still is) happy
  • I got to enjoy the first warm Spring like morning outdoors
  • The whole morning just made me HAPPY!


  1. Good for your daughter that she ran. Good for you that persevered and so were able to see her run. And good for that lady who ran in that awesome tutu. What a fun event!

  2. You were right, your daughter's invitation had only "yes" as an answer. Clearly it was worth it.

  3. So much accomplished before church, awesome! This is the way to begin the day.

  4. It was a beautiful morning here and looks like you had one too. Your daughter is lucky...and so are you...those times are best spent when you you said...she will be living farther away. Jackie

  5. We all need more happy mornings! Gald you got to share yours first with your daughter and also with your church family!!

  6. What a wonderful morning! Your perseverance was rewarded in many ways. (For some reason I am always about 5 minutes late to church...every week! :)

  7. Good for you! Blessings for fitting everything in and being fruitful too :). Looks like s fun run! What event is it?

    1. It was a 5K run/walk to benefit Mott Childrens' Hospital.

  8. What a great morning! We were 10 minutes late for church but didn't have such a good excuse.
    and yes, you should definitely share pictures of your knitting projects.


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