Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kaalikeitto (Cabbage Soup) Story

At school we always eat hot lunch.
The food is set at the tables,
students around it.
We come hungry and ready to eat.
Except when it is time for CABBAGE SOUP!
I butter my bread and drink my milk.
I stare at the soup bowl full of CABBAGE SOUP.
Nothing is moving.
I am thinking; maybe I could eat a carrot piece and a spoonful of broth??
I am brave; I take a spoon of CABBAGE SOUP.
Nooooooo, I can't do it.
Even the carrots taste like CABBAGE SOUP!
"No dessert for you, young lady, if you don't finish your soup."
I could not care less, but it is ice cream!
We do not get dessert except after certain foods;
like CABBAGE SOUP and blood pancakes.
I want ice cream!
I pinch my nose, breathe in, and swiftly swallow a spoonful of CABBAGE SOUP.
I look around. I am the only one left. It is quiet. 
"Are you done yet? I need to wash your bowl."
Two more spoons of CABBAGE SOUP.
I am done! 
Where is my ice-cream?
"Oh, I am sorry dear, we already put all the ice cream away. You better run to class now."
What? No ice cream? Why did I sacrifice myself for CABBAGE SOUP?
Never again! Never! I will never pinch my nose again for CABBAGE SOUP!

I thought I would include a picture of the cabbage soup, but for obvious reasons, I do NOT have any. When I tried looking on the Internet, all the pictures just made my stomach turn--and not in the right way. Try to picture a bowl of cabbage soup, and see if you can feel my pain.


  1. Ths reminds me of Roald Dah's CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY... and the blood pancakes (which I don't even want to think about) sound like something from Miss Truchbull's Crunchem Hall in Matilda. ;)

  2. Thank you for my morning laugh. I have a similar story about my brother and beets.

  3. Cabbage soup at school? Yuk! Who ever thought students would like that? I felt your pain!

  4. In my childhood there was school cabbage soup and grandma's cabbage soup. I never ate the first one. I loved my grandma's soup. My mom makes it as delicious. My kids don't even taste it. There were some other school meals that I was not able to swallow. Times have changed. My children go to schools where meals are usually healthy and tasty. Except for milk or fish soup.

  5. I did a diet once with cabbage soup for a was hard. I was super duper gassy and really hungry. No...students would never want it. XO

  6. Love reading your poem...made me smile. Reminds me of Prelutsky and Silverstein... : ) I do make a mean cabbage soup that most people like.

  7. I've never tried cabbage soup (or blood pancakes!)...and your poem makes me want to keep it that way!

  8. My mom used to cook cabbage, not soup, just cooked cabbage, but I never could get past the smell to taste it. I'll take my cabbage raw in cole slaw, thank you very much.

  9. I don't remember ever having cabbage soup at school, & we had lots of navy beans & ham! But I like vegetable soup with cabbage in it (sorry). I am sorry for your pain, however, and like how you arranged the poem, and put dialog into it!


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