Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feelings and thoughts of something you use daily

It is so dark here.
It's crowded. Some new members were stuffed in last night.
Should I introduce myself?
Maybe not yet.
This might just be passing acquaintance.
The new green one is kind of cute.
Recycled material I hear.
Must be the fashion these days.
I wonder if the blue one is related to the green one?
Should I ask?
That really hurt.
How many times a day do I have put up with this kind of behavior?
Hey, I can breathe better now.
But I am cold.
Do you have to hold me so tight?
I am not your drum stick! Stop tapping me on the table!!!
Do you hear me???
Of course not!
You are so busy moving me from place to place.
Or from surface to surface.
I really like the white smooth one that my friend red has left some marks on.'
The bumpy one really hurts me.
I can hear the zipper again.
Is it time already to hang out with the others?
Wonder if there are any new friends today?



  1. I was wondering until the end.

  2. A riddle poem...revealed by a picture. Fun idea.

  3. I had it figured out--very clever. I think kids would love to hear this poem and to try writing their own. :)

  4. Love it! Hmmm. What else could talk to us?

  5. You got me thinking. I think I will gather up some items and have each student pick one and then write from its perspective. What a great idea for a prompt.

  6. Oh, this wa fun to read...I was guessing away until the end!

  7. The multiple voices made this fun. Talk about inferring, definitely! Plus you need to reread for evidence. Hmmmm. sounds like a reading lesson in the making from your writing.

  8. Lots of fun! Great idea for students to try, too.

  9. This is so creative, Jaana! I love the idea of taking on the point of view of an object, and you really had a lot of fun with it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. P.S. I just got a comment from you, so we were writing on each other's blogs at the exact same time! Pretty cool! :-)

  10. I can't wait to share this with my students tomorrow. Today we read one of Chloe's slices from Coffee with Chloe. I thought they might like to write from a pet's perspective. Tomorrow we'll try out riddle poems!

  11. This is fantastically creative! Love it, and will share it with my students, if you don't mind!!
    :) Jen

    1. Of course I don't mind! Have fun!

  12. This was fun. I read and tried to guess. At first I thought it was new clothes, but the drumstick didn't make sense. I read again until I saw the picture. it all made sense. I don't have a pencil case. Maybe I should get one.


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