Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Voice of Truth & Power of Car Singing

I love to sing! I am not a good singer, but I LOVE to sing! I especially love to sing in the car.Many mornings as I drive to work, I will turn to the local Christian radio stations. I tend to change between the two, depending on what music they are playing (or are they just talking).
I feel empowered by singing these songs as loud as possible in the mornings!
They also ground me; remind me about the truth, about God's power (not mine), and most of all, they show me God's grace! There are mornings when I feel totally lacking or unprepared. Then I am reminded about God's amazing love and grace that are always there for me. How could this not be a good day?

This song was for a long time my ring tone.
Students always thought is was so neat!
(Of course, only ringing after school!)

This is an oldie, but I really love to sing this 
in the car! Plus this reminds me that God
is the one in control--not me!

Amazing Grace--there is something so touching 
every single time I hear it. I might not measure up,
but there is this amazing grace just waiting to 
wrap its arms around me!
Why would I not sing this one?

So, I am going to sing my heart out again this morning on my way to work! I want to be ready with JOY when I enter my building. Plus, who cares if I don't hit the right key on every note. I am sure there is some kind of filter between here and heaven (so that God does not have to listen to my off key notes every morning:)


  1. Oh I connect with this post. My commute at the moment is 2 minutes long. So, I fill my personal "tank" by tune into Pandora radio on my computer once I get into the room. Teaching at a Christian school allows me to keep it on while the children enter. There are times that I think it's as much for them as it is for me.

  2. Jaana,
    I love singing in the car as well! My favorites to play right now is the Stadium Rock anthems CD! We will rock you, we are the champions, who let the dogs out, are just some of my favorites

  3. Anything you do to bring joy in the morning so that you can begin your day on a positive note is fabulous...great songs, by the way!

  4. You made me laugh with the idea of a filter between here and heaven. thank you for that. I'm sitting in a meeting so I can't play your songs but how cool to have them within your post!

  5. Love the songs. I listen to Moody radio in the car all the time. Music and chatting in the morning on the way to school, a call-in talk show is usually on in the afternoon (Chris Fabry live). I also listen to K-Love sometimes.

  6. There is something spirit lifting about singing. Singing worship songs does help align us with God's ways. Thanks for including some of your favorites.

  7. Car singing is the best! :-) I try to listen to happy/uplifting songs while I get ready in the mornings -- my husband got me an iPod dock to keep upstairs just for that purpose. Some of the songs on my morning playlist are Christian, and they do wonders for my soul. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

    By the way, one of your students (Masa) just left a wonderfully thoughtful and supportive comment on one of my student's (Latifa's) posts! So cool! :-)


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