Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday #4 in March 2013

This last week before spring break I am thankful for:

-Colleagues at my table at the new standards training: Candy, Kathy, Evalicia and Karen. You tried to do everything to help me out today when I was not feeling well. Thank you!
-Friends from church that I can e-mail and ask to pray for me as I am not feeling well. (Thank you Penny)
-Teachers at my school who are covering for me when I am at the training. (Thank you Rindy, Ahlam, Shannon and Shawn.)
-Getting my taxes done--with a smile (Thank you Barb.)
-For my students who have blogged this month, and asked if we could continue our blog after March.
-For everyone who has commented on my students' blog posts
-For the sunshine that kept me going today when I was not feeling well
-For no traffic jams to slow my drive to the city in two days!!!
-For the opportunity to participate in Slice of Life Challenge. What a great way to stretch my writing muscles.
-For fellow slicers who have given me so many ideas to try, and also to save to try later
-Daughter who only a text away (Dorothy, thanks for praying for me yesterday; I am feeling better.)
-for Holy Week and all it means, and made possible for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


  1. You have this inner strength, so, even when you are not feeling well, you spread goodness. You make the world better. Rest and get well.

  2. You are surrounded by support. That is a blessing when you are not feeling well, but also when you are healthy.

  3. You accomplished all that inspite of not feeling well... Bravo!

  4. Your thoughts are full of peace and gratitude... such a lovely post! Glad you are feeling better!

  5. Feel better! Thanks for reminding us to always look for things to be thankful for, even on days when we don't feel well. I am thankful I often get comments from you at my blog.

    Praise God for Good Friday and the sacrifice made for us. Looking forward to the celebration of the Resurrection!


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