Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cooking soothes my soul

It is Sunday morning. I am feeling like I should write something profound and and meaningful, something that would make a difference; perhaps even a lasting impression on someone. I have nothing First time this month, I feel like the vessel is empty.

My kitchen, however, is not empty at all! Jars of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, black beans, white beans, and pasta are ready to pour into the pots. It it lunch after church today, and I know how to cook! I can smell the onions in the stew. Maybe even an itch or a scratch in my eye from their fragrance. I even added some celery; thinking that there must be people who actually like the taste of it. Actually, even I can tolerate cooked celery (especially when it is hiding in a stew).

I am actually not making a stew. Just don't really know what to call it. Maybe one pot meal? Anyway, this will be easy to serve and both adults and children like it. It is not expensive as the ingredients are simple. I feel calm. I love the smells that come from kitchen. It makes me feel accomplished. I am producing something that others really like and enjoy. This time I even saved a little for my evening meal--either today or tomorrow.

So what if I did not make coffee this morning but drank a quick cup of tea instead?
Cooking in the morning is a great start for the day. Especially when I am cooking for others. Giving because I have been given so much.

What are you cooking today?


  1. Looks really yummy! I'm fixing some chili later this afternoon. Hopefully this is the last batch to go with a snowy day.

  2. Thanks for the picture...looks so good! I made French toast this morning. I have leftover stew for dinner.

  3. Cooking is just overwhelming for me, but I admire you for loving it! Your meal sounds delicious. We each have our own things to soothe our souls. Writing is one of mine.

    I forgot to tell you yesterday that I loved your comment in Finnish on my Spanish Friday post! So fun! :-) (You should try making your own "Finnish Friday" -- it even sounds good!)

  4. That that looks delicious. I love this line: Giving because I have been given so much. I think cooking for others is the perfect gesture of gratitude....everyone feels good, right?!

  5. Looks delicious....we call such meals...." a pot! Chicken in a pot was the main meal in our house when the kids were is yours...substence for the week ahead....hope yours is a good one.

  6. Yumm, that looks so good!

    Cooking for other people is the best part. Cooking's one of my favorite things to do, as well. I love your title- cooking soothes the soul-- so very true!

  7. I know exactly how you feel about the calming effects of cooking and producing something wonderful others will enjoy. I always think it's a bit like art or creating a piece of art. I made manicotti and tomato sauce and meatballs to share with a friend who is having surgery over spring break. I also made brownies for a parent who helped me get the student projects up in the hallway before conferences. Cooking seems like a gift. Enjoy!

  8. We had friends in town this weekend. Hubby did most of the cooking, but I did whip up a chocolate sheet cake for dessert before we left for church this morning. Totally decadent, but everyone loves it! I love your phrase, "it makes me feel accomplished." I never thought of cooking as an accomplishment, but it is!


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