Friday, March 29, 2013

As Far as the East is from the West....

I want to be perfect.
I want to do everything right.
I don't want to make mistakes.
I don't smoke
I want to live longer.
Yet, I am not perfect.
His grace is sufficient for (me) you.
I should lose a few pounds (maybe even more)
But I haven't accomplished that yet.
Could I do more for the poor?
Yes, of course!
Do I always treat my fellow humans
the best possible way?
I believe I fall short many times.
His grace is sufficient for (me) you.
Could and should I spend more time
studying His word?
Yes, so why do I not do it?
Do my hobbies at times come
before Him?
Are my words always chosen wisely?
His grace is sufficient for (me) you.

This is what Good Friday is all about. Forgiveness when none is deserved.
Radical forgiveness purely out of grace and love. And not just forgiveness, but removing our sins so far that we cannot even touch or see them again. Therefore, this is the day to bless His name!


  1. Thank you for the reminder of 'his grace being sufficient'. Everyday, I am so in need of his forgiveness. xo

  2. Bless His name forever...His grace IS sufficient. Your words touched many of the things I struggle with, too. I am so grateful for love that never fails, never gives up on me.

  3. The concept of human forgiveness is as you note so woven into this holiday - yet we often overlook this day as we prepare for the day of celebrating miracles! I too need to think about forgiveness today - and every day.

  4. I love the repeated line in your poem -- so comforting and powerful. I also love how honest you were with your struggles. So many of us struggle with the same things -- it's incredible how similar all people really are!

  5. The message of the day, and the Easter season, is with you. It is a day to reflect deeply, isn't it?

  6. Perfect message for us to receive today. Thank you.

  7. "Radical forgiveness" Perfect description.


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