Monday, March 12, 2012

Buying Jeans=working overtime

Slice of Life #12

I hate buying jeans!!
I am actually not a fan of buying clothes at all. If we were talking about books, my opinion would be totally different. But back to the jeans: we have spirit week at school and teachers can actually wear jeans. My jeans, however, are looking so baggy that I am not sure if I can walk out of the house wearing them anymore. The jeans being baggy, is not exactly a problem, after all, losing a few pounds is a reason to celebrate--if it weren't for the fact that you have to try so many jeans before you can find a pair that I like.
Today's jean shopping made history!!! I went to Lane Bryant (because I had a coupon). I wanted wide leg trouser jeans (you know, to cover by not so great knees). The wonderful sales clerk at the store found two pairs of jeans for me to try. I was very suspicious. I put on the first pair of jeans. THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!
I looked at myself in the mirror, this way and that way. I even asked the sales clerk what she thought. Her reply was very surprising, "do you think you would want to try the smaller size?" I didn't quite believe what she was saying, so I had her repeat her thought.
Smaller size??? Two sizes smaller? How could I say, no?? Back to the fitting room I went. Pulled up the jeans, and voila, they fit!!!! I was done shopping! Took my coupon, jeans, and went to pay. I am SOOOO happy!!! New pair of jeans (two sizes smaller), and I get to wear them to school this week! I think this week can only get better!


  1. Yay!! I am so happy for you. At one point I joined Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds. i know how wonderful losing a size or two of clothing feels. i hope you strut around showing those new jeans off!

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed your shopping experience. I would also much rather shop for books. Based on your Shelfari shelf, it looks like we have similar tastes in books as well.

  3. Wow! Jeans on the first try--without hours of agony, and then 2 sizes smaller to boot?? I'm impressed!

  4. Yes! There's nothing like a good fitting pair of jeans. You might have to shop more often, you're on a roll. Congrats on the 2 sizes smaller.

  5. What a dream to go shopping and buy a pair of jeans and the clerk tells you that you need a smaller size. And, then you need 2 sizes smaller.


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