Thursday, March 15, 2012

I was late because.....

Slice of Life #15

R, why were you late  this morning?
-It was really cold and icy and my bike kept sliding.
Few days later
R, why are you late again this morning?
-Well, I was coming to school this morning and then I looked up and saw a  really strange cloud. I had to stop and look at it.
Why did that make you late to school?
-The sky was really interesting...

R, why did you not do your math homework?
-I don't know
R, why didn't you turn in your math homework?
-I was late to class and the teacher would not take it any more.
R, do you think you could get to math class on time?
-I don't know. I have to go to my locker to get my math stuff. That's hard.
Could you bring your math stuff to 5th hour, and then go straight to math class/
-I guess, but do I have to?
YES, because you cannot be late to math class everyday.
-OK Ms.

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  1. Way to problem solve. It cracks me up to think of the excuses - the sky was intersting. Somehow, people do not always have great time management skills.
    MH at


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