Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slice of Life #1

Slice of Life  #1

It is Thursday. That means that I will leave work and go to volunteer at our library friends' bookstore! I check my section and add new books that have arrived since last Thursday. After that I settle down to observe my customers.
This is my favorite part: I get to observe people, visit with the regulars, and check out books that people buy. Sometimes I wonder what the costumers are really like based on their book choices? There is the man who comes looking for travel books just because he likes them. Then there are those who are going on a vacation and want a cheap book to take with them; easy reading is usually their choice. The children are often unpredictable--they might be extremely excited to find a book or they might be ready to leave just when mom is getting to check out the romance section.
Then there is the regular customer who never forgets to ask how was my day at school! And best of all, I get to spend time with a friend. We get to talk about books, life, and of course, fun things that my students say!


  1. The regulars must keep you going! What a great after-work gig - to hang out at the library with all those books and people who love them!

  2. Books, life, and fun things students say -- what could make a better conversation?


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