Monday, March 5, 2012

Slice of Life #5: Today I.....

Today I woke up early. Had healthy cereal for breakfast, and took left over pizza for my lunch. Oh, forgot, I did include a banana and yogurt (you know, to keep the healthy habit going).
Today I realized how many things I have to accomplish before I am ready for tomorrow. Grading, tax preparation, call  parents, e-mail parents, remind my students that they have statewide exams tomorrow, so they should get enough  sleep tonight and not forget to come to school on time tomorrow morning.
Today I imagined my life with students who all do all their homework every time. I imagined teaching students who score way above the state average in standardized tests. I imagined teaching classical literature with students who are engaged and full of enthusiasm during every minute of every class.
Today I  also realized that despite my students occasional crazy antics, I love my students! Even when they e-mail me  questions that are so full of spelling mistakes that I have a hard time figuring out what they are really asking me.
Today I realized that I have wonderful people in my life.The friends who send Facebook messages across the oceans. You know the friends who remind you that I could have as much snow as they do. I don't think that these overseas friends realized that so much snow would definitely mean a snow day for me!!!!! And let's not forget those students who give me some of my gray hairs, but at the same time enrich my life in countless ways.
Today I  learned to say thank you for students, friends, weather, colleagues, children, relatives, mechanical pencils, library DVDs, and countless other things!


  1. We can call a day a success when we learn to be thankful for the big and little things. I like the Today refrain in your slice. You packed a lot into it while keeping it focused.

  2. Today I tried to work but reading slices called me and said "read me now." Your day had a lot more activity. I sounds like a good one.


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