Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Pen Case

Slice of Life #8
As long as I can remember I have always carried a pen case with me. First it was required at elementary school, and then I fell in love with pens. Actually I fell in love with anything that writes. I remember going to the store with my mother and instead of asking for candy, I would ask for a pen. Soon I had to carry those pens with me. I had my childish pen/pencil cases, but then I found Marimekko purses or eyeglass cases that we perfect for my collection of pens and pencils.

Through the years I have had many Marimekko purses  like this blue one. The colors and patterns change with what is available as do my pens and pencils inside. This reminds me that I just might be due for a new one.
Marimekko purses are not always as easily available where I live, so I have found another pen case that also works for me: Jonathan Adler's Pencil Pouch from Barnes and Noble. The advantage with this one is that you can wipe it clean very easily.

So, what do I always have inside the pen case? 0.3 mechanical pencil. 0.5 mechanical pencil. Different colors fine or extra fine pens/markers, ruler, eraser, blue, purple and black fine point pen, nail file, nail clipper and flash drive. These old faithfuls have traveled with me from one continent to the next. I don't think I have ever even checked them in with my luggage, but always carried them with me. You know, I just might need many different pens during my flight.
All my students know that the pen case on my desk is NOT for them! There are always many other pens and pencils around my class, but the pens and pencils in my case are JUST for ME!
At home, my case is ALL mine! I use a particular pen to write in my paper journal, a different one to write a shopping list, special marker to write notes, acid free for photo albums and special situations, and a particular permanent marker to make sure that certain words are forever!
What about you, what is your favorite pen or pencil?


  1. I didn't know people really used the pencil/pen cases. You have opened my eyes to a new world. I love the all caps for emphasis. Hey, can I borrow a pen? :-]

  2. The list of items in your pencil case was so personal. Thank you for your slice.
    Made me think that I need a pencil case.

  3. I have known you a long time but I did not know about your love affair with pens, pencils and pencil cases. I thought they were there on your desk for purely practical reasons.

    1. Well, there is a practical reason as well, but the basic fact is: I just like my writing utensil's better than yours! Right?


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