Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Plans--Let's check the list

Slice of Life #23
What do I want to accomplish this weekend? Priorities or must do items?? Fun things or responsibilities?? I wonder which items will win?? Well, that is an other post later on.

So many things, I am sure I won't get to all, but I want to try at least a few of these items on my list:

  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning the kitchen table
  • lesson plans
  • get ahead in reading
  • come up with interesting ideas to do with my classed this coming week (=something new and exciting)
  • correct papers
  • make sure I have good coffee in the house
  • yard work (if it doesn't rain, or if I am not too busy)
  • read something fun
  • watch this week's episode of "Endgame" on
  • write 2 slices
  • comment more on other writers' slices
  • enjoy later mornings
  • meet with friends
  • church
  • time to reflect
  • laundry
  • relax
  • re-potting plants (if the weather stays warm)
  • check in with friends in other countries (=Facebook)
  • think about upcoming birthday gifts
  • prepare myself mentally for spring break that is coming in one week!!!!!!!!!


  1. Read the list first and thought - no way will she do all this - then went back and read the slice in the way it was meant to be read - from the beginning. LOL Have a great weekend

  2. Great list! How many hours do you get in your weekend? : ) Enjoy whatever you choose to do.

  3. I hope that you are having a productive weekend, and enjoy your spring break coming up! I am on spring break right now. So far it has been a good balance of to-do list items - time to linger and enjoy time with family, as well as time for being productive. I write a lot of to-do lists, so I loved reading yours.


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