Thursday, March 29, 2012


Slice of Life #29

I got this idea from another post earlier in the month. Thought I would try my own list.

5 True Statements

1.     I am a mother
2.     I am a teacher
3.     I am a book lover
4.     I am bilingual x 1.5
5.     I am a follower of Jesus

5 statements of Beauty

1.     Green plants are always beautiful 
2.     Babies are all beautiful
3.     There is beauty in Christmas cactus blooming in March   
4.     Spring brings beauty to the outside and to my life
5.     New books are beautiful

5 Things I appreciate

1.     Sunrise on a spring morning driving to work
2.     Sunset on a summer night by the lake
3.     Free time with a good book to read
4.     Great coffee with good friends
5.     The feeling when all papers are corrected and my desk is clean

5 Things I Dream about

1.     Learning a new language
2.     Traveling to Italy
3.     Having a bigger kitchen with a dishwasher
4.     Cleaning fairy to visit our home regularly
5.     Class full of students who all want to learn all time


  1. 5 Statements of Beauty could have been my list!

  2. I loved the 5 Things I Dream About. I am curious about this statement, " I am bilingual x 1.5"

    1. Dana,
      I couldn't figure out how to be smart and say I speak three languages, therefore 2 x 1.5 = 3

  3. I love your TBA's...I like how you added the D!

    Jennifer K.


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