Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is soothing to me....

Slice of Life #18

I read a Tracy's slice the other day and got an idea to do my own soothing list.

A Soothing List
  • Sitting in my recliner by the window and relaxing with a great cup of morning coffee
  • Having dinner with my daughter and chatting about our lives
  • Reading to my nieces' small children
  • Giving good news to my students
  • Having great discussions at small group
  • Listening to a sermon that reinforces my need of God but at the same time demonstrates God's mercy and grace
  • Watching a movie that is funny and has a happy ending
  • Watching Shakespeare's Much to Do About Nothing. I love the play on words. It takes me to another place in life every time; And makes me want visit Italy.
  • Finding a new pen at the office store that writes even better than my old one
  • Comments on my blog--it shows that others are reading my writing, which in turn wants to make me write even more
  • Messages from old friends--and new ones too
  • Making the connection of what God wants me to do and me actually doing it
  • My Christmas cactus blooming in March!!
  • Quiet moment in the morning before getting out of bed; listening to the wind or the birds; asking God to guide me today
  • Planning a visit to see far away friends
  • Sunshine on any given day!!!!!!!!


  1. My Christmas cactus bloomed late too-what's with this strange winter! It's so nice to see other people's lists of things "good" in their lives. I like all your things, but love that finding a new pen better than the old one. Priceless!

  2. Great list! I can really relate to finding a new pen...why is that how some pens just flow on the paper?!?

  3. Your list was soothing just to read! Ditto on the pen thing! I love it when pens write smoothly and effortlessly. It calls me to write with it! :) I agree with the sunshine thing, too...when it's sunshine-y, I'm happy! Thanks for sharing your list. Thanks for commenting on my slice. It means a lot!

    Jennifer K.

  4. I ditto every part of the list...except for Watching Shakespeare's Much to Do About Nothing. I wonder if I would understand it now that I'm a well seasoned adult. Maybe I should give it another try. Asking God to guide me...every day, every moment...yes I need to remember that it is soothing.

  5. Love this list. Visits to faraway friends and comments on my blog - both are definitely on my list. Another idea for a future post. When I started (I'm a first timer), I was afraid I would run out of things to say. No chance of that happening. This writing community inspires me daily with new ideas.

    1. Thank you Ramona! I am a first timer as well. I was worried about writing also, but I think I have caught the writing bug now!! I can't wait to write my slice every day (or two in some days to get ready for the really busy days). Thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Jaana, isn't it funny that so many of us identify with the pen thing. I do. I love a new smooth pen. I love, love, love that you want to know that you are doing what God wants you to do. I really feel soothed by so many of the things on your list. (how do you say your name?).

  7. Thanks Jama! In my name, the J is pronounced as y.

  8. Oh. So is it more of a Spanish a, rhyming with John? It was the double a that got my attention. In the Philippines two a's wild have a stop between them. I didn't even suspect the y sound.

    1. Jama, my name is Finnish. I like being special :-)

  9. A warm chai latte in my hand would be at the top of my list. I liked how your list had some surprises that I would not have thought of. It pushed my thinking to consider different meanings of soothing.


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