Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice of Life #2

Slice of Life #2
This week has been great! I accomplished many of the things that I wanted to accomplish. This does not happen every week, at least not for me.   Even my students were showcasing their brilliance this week. Many of them  had their "bazinga" moments (you know the word that Sheldon uses in The Big Bang Theory) this week.

I also had my birthday this week, and my wonderful (at least sometimes) high school students brought me a surprise cake and presents!!!!!! One student even wrote me a poem--you know the student who never wants to write anything. Another student wrote a letter, and one day, everyone turned in their homework!!!! Like I said, this was a great week!  Now my expectations of the weekend definitely high!

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  1. Happy Birthday and congratulations on receiving some mighty fine gifts from your students! Bazinga! I love Sheldon!!! Hope your weekend gives you more slices. Thanks for sharing.


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