Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Slice of Life #6: Tuesday Quietness

My ususal Tuesday routine is: get up early, go to work, tutor after school 1-2.5 hours, eat dinner on the run, go to small group, go home, maybe catch NCIS: Los Angeles (or fall asleep before the show is over).
Today is turning out to be a little different; Yes, I still went to work today. I was "priviledged" to proctor a standardized test for high school students. Need I say more??? But then at the end of the day, I got to work with 4th grade students! I absolutely loved it! Their take on life is so different from my high schoolers. And, by the way, it is now sunny, and I can feel the warmer weather coming! To my surprise, no students came to tutoring! Maybe they are also enjoying the beautiful weather. Or testing took a toll on them as well.
So, I am now pondering this quietness in my room....Definitely had to turn on some music. As I write this, I am planning my surprise free time this afternoon. Maybe some bookstore browsing, visiting a craft or fabric store, maybe even Pier1. I might even go and have some pancakes for dinner on my way to small group.
I guess I better clean my desk, get ready for tomorrow and leave to enjoy the sunshine.
If you are feeling the sunshine today, go and enjoy it!


  1. Thanks for a peek into your day. It was fun. And you're right, 4th graders have a different take on life than high schoolers--but sometimes, the behavior is the same!

  2. Thanks for sharing part of your surprise free time with us! Those unplanned quiet moments are the very best.


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