Friday, March 16, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference and Tornadoes

Slice of Life #16
I am sitting at my designated table. I am waiting for my next parent to come while watching the other teachers' tables and which parents they are talking to. On Wednesday the sun was starting to bother me, but on Thursday that was not the case. Instead I was watching the sky get dark a lot earlier. Suddenly there is a lot of commotion at one corner of the gym.
"Excuse me the interruption, there is a tornado watch being issued over our area. No need to panic, we will keep you posted."
Well, that was interesting. This might have been a great time to send everyone home (I am thinking afterwards). Not too many minutes later, here comes the next announcement:
"Excuse me, but the tornado watch has now become tornado warning. We ask that everyone sit down along the gym wall, and stay calm. We will keep you posted on further developments."
A few minutes later.
" Please stay calm. A tornado has touched down just west of us. Please stay seated against the walls. We don't want anyone to leave at this time. This is the safest place to be right now."
Definitely not something that you expect to happen in the middle of talking with parents. But everyone was really calm and waited patiently until it was safe to leave. We actually ended up staying an hour longer than we were supposed as it was not safe to leave before that.
So what did I do while waiting?
I had the chance to talk with other teachers that I usually only talk with at meetings. I had the chance to observe students and their responses to possibly frightening situation. I became a little envious of those who had iPads or iPhones. Those with one were able to follow weather radar and check both school and home locations. I really want one now. When it was safe to leave, everyone was concerned about others and making sure both colleagues and students and parents  were okay.
It was good to finally get home last night even though we had no electricity. It was candle light and early night. I definitely counted my blessings!!


  1. Wow! My parent teacher meetings have never been that scary. A tornado? You definitely can count your blessings.

  2. Jaana, I'm glad that you're okay. It really is a blessing that everyone is safe. That was a conference you'll never forget. I love my Iphone. You should get one, you'll love it and all the things you can do(like reading your comments). :)

    1. Thanks Valerie! I have to seriously consider a new phone (once this contract runs out in a few months)....

  3. Wow, Jaana, I'm glad everyone is safe. I'm guessing you must live west of Michigan because we were surrounded with tornadoes last night. I counted my blessings too. :)

  4. Oh my. Very dramatic slice. The repetition of "Excuse me", was very suspenseful.

  5. You piece built tension as each announcement was made. Glad you had some time to talk with other teachers and make the best of a dangerous situation. I'm thankful you and everyone was safe.

  6. Wow! I can't even imagine. I think that the hardest would be knowing that the gym was safe but worrying about other family members.


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