Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slice of Life #7: Basketball and Little Bit about Jeremy Lin

I just came back from my high school boys first district game. It was exciting! In the beginning future for our boys did not look that great, but as the game got older our boys got better. The end result: we play again on Friday night!
A couple of weeks ago I had assigned an article for my high class about Jeremy Lin and his rise to fame in the NBA. One of my boys struggled with writing the reflection and questioned why does he need to learn about Jeremy Lin when he is not even interested in basketball. As we continued our discussion, we bot agreed that if there would suddenly be a famous NBA player from his home country, my student and everyone in his family would watch the game regardless of whether they liked basketball or not. It is little bit like that for me; I go to the games to show support for our school. Yes, I like basketball, but I don't love it.
But I do like people watching at the games. I find some  new personalities at the games every time. You know the quiet people who suddenly cannot control their verbal expressions? The creative language that you can hear at the games. And then there are the younger siblings who come to support their brothers, but end up being more excited about the snacks or the handheld video games that they brought with them. I should not forget some of my old students either. They come and say hello or shake my hand. They ask how I am, and if I have good students this year. I also get to ask about their life and what they are up to right now. Rewarding experience! Who knows, maybe I have watched the next Jeremy Lin play this week!
Next game is in a couple of days. I will be there again. Perhaps I will even learn a new rule, or I will finally understand one of the hand signals the refs use....

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