Saturday, March 24, 2012

What would my grandparents be like?

Slice of Life #24

I never met any of my grandparents. They had all passed away before I was born. When growing up, I was told I looked so much like my father's mother. How would I know? We had--I think--one black and white picture of my paternal grandmother. I could not really tell if the resemblance was there or not. After all, she was quite old at that picture.
But what would they be like?
Would they send me birthday cards? Would they call and want to chat even across the ocean? Would they have agreed with the choices that I have made in my life? Would we have any similar interests? Beliefs?
My mother was a woman of prayer. She prayed as long as she was breathing. She was so certain that God will answer her prayers--even if she might not live to see the answers. I could not imagine her parents not be praying people. They survived my home country's Civil War, World War II, sending their sons (my uncles) to the war, bombings near their children's homes, losing a child, and the changing times.
The only thing that I have from my maternal grandparents is my grandmother's black church scarf. From my paternal grandparents I have my grandfather's photograph--he is drinking coffee. My paternal grandparents had to leave everything behind and leave as refugees during World War II. How did they survive? I am again certain that they would not have survived without their faith in God and in the power of prayer.
Through my father I learned that his parents were extremely hospitable. They never had  much, but what they had, was always shared with those in need. They never turned anyone away from their door. And as refugees, they also experienced hospitality from strangers.
So, maybe my question should not be, what were my grandparents like, but what I could learn from their lives.

  • to pray--even when answers are not imminent 
  • welcome people into my home (you know "entertaining angels")
  • perseverance
  • share
  • make memories while you can
  • receive help from others when needed
  • drinking coffee is a demonstration of hospitality (good coffee I mean)
  • change can be good--even if I am resistant to it
  • pray because God does answer prayers


  1. Wow so much survival in your grandparents on both sides. Touching how your list contained prayer at the front and the end.

  2. I absolutely love this post - so powerful. I had grandmas growing up, but I never had any grandpas. I liked the way that your post made me think about them in a different way.

    I don't remember seeing your blog before, but reading your six word stories made me want to read more! (But on second thought, your Shelfari looks familiar, so maybe I have read some of your slices before!)

    1. Mystery solved - I read your "Buying Jeans=working overtime" post earlier this month.


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