Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trials of English Language

Slice of Life #14
In my sheltered high school English class we are reading Romeo and Juliet. Before starting the actual reading, we had a discussion of what love is. One of my students started his paragraph: "Love is butfit." It took me awhile (and a few readings) to get that he meant "love is beautiful."
This reminded me about one of the mistakes that I made when I first came to America. After living in Europe and in Asia, I thought "Body Shop" meant a nice store that sells cosmetics in a mall. I was so surprised when driving around the Midwest, I kept seeing really ugly looking buildings with the sign "body shop." I was really perplexed! Why would anyone want to shop for sweet smelling lotions in a place like that??? I finally had to voice my question out loud. Surprise, surprise! They don't sell lotions at "that kind of body shop!!"


  1. I tried posting this on the Slice of Life (in March) website, but for some reason it would not accept it. Shall try again on Thursday!

  2. Love the story you told here! I think your own experiences with language and coming to a new country probably make you a more compassionate educator. Your students are lucky!


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